Meet the Deloitte Changemakers

These stories are part of a growing trend of Deloitte Changemakers. Where others saw a problem, they saw an opportunity -- to be part of The Solution Revolution. Read the stories below to find out how!

Divya Hariharan

The Asia Pacific is home to the highest number of people living in extreme poverty compared to any other region in the world. Divya, a consulting analyst with Deloitte New Zealand, was exposed to this fact from an early age. Born and raised in Mumbai for the first 10 years of her life, Divya was greatly affected by the extreme poverty that plagues her birth country. Her passion and commitment to helping communities in need led her to P3 Foundation, a youth-led, New Zealand based charity that inspires and empowers young New Zealanders to eradicate extreme poverty in the Asia Pacific. Divya joined P3 as a marketing executive officer and currently serves as the organization’s CEO.

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Russell Gong

When the Guatemala-based Highland Support Project (HSP) sought to advance the substance and rigor of support it provided to women in rural villages, the thought of bringing industry best practices into their operations seemed an idealistic, if intimidating, vision. Consultants equipped with the skills and experience to drive this transformation were out of price range for the small nonprofit. Yet Russ Gong, a Consultant, recognized the unique learning and growth opportunity such a project would afford consultants like himself, and observed untapped enthusiasm among his peers to take on international projects like this one.

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Lisa Monarski

A recent Gallup poll paints a disappointing picture of the lives of children in school today: one of struggle, disengagement, lack of preparedness, and unhealthiness. Lisa Monarski, a senior manager with Deloitte, knew that more could be done to help prepare students for a brighter future and was eager to find a way to get involved. During a chance meeting with Olympic Gold Medal bobsledder Steve Mesler, Lisa found the perfect opportunity in Classroom Champions. As a board member, Lisa helps drive Classroom Champions’ mission to inspire and prepare students for success in life by bringing mentorship and learning directly to the classroom through engaging technologies.

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Roxana Rodriguez

Education continues to be a problem in Peru - one without a clear solution. Access to education is reasonable, but the quality is lagging behind. While education is a top priority of the Peruvian government, sustainable and long term policies are still lacking, creating a demand for the civil society and other sectors to get involved in solving the problem.

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Debbie Chou

Even when volunteers are highly skilled and eager to help, their talents are often underutilized in traditional volunteer roles. After years of feeling that there was more she could offer through her volunteer work, Debbie Chou was inspired by Duke MBA classmate Rachael Chong’s vision for a different kind of volunteerism. Through a platform called Catchafire, nonprofits would post carefully scoped pro bono projects that were easily navigable by volunteers looking to use -- and build -- specific skills.

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Olivier Vanden Eynde

In today’s knowledge economy, access to information and communication technology (ICT) is vital to the economic and social prospects of communities around the world. But many communities in developing and emerging economies struggle to provide the equipment, training, and support to improve proficiency in ICT. Olivier, a director in Deloitte, saw an opportunity to bridge this digital divide by creating the international non-profit organization Close the Gap.

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Global Migration and Border Management Team

Team: Nes Diaz-Uda, Stephanie Anglim, Aruna Cadambi, Will Cousino, Arthur Gordon, Pete Hadjigeorgiou, Aysha Malik, Claire Niech, Erin Orlich, Caitlin Ryan, Jamie Schroeder, Cindy Shuck and Maura Welch

Human-trafficking is a prevalent issue across the globe, affecting men, women, and children in every region. The United Nations estimated nearly 2.5 million people from 127 different countries are being trafficked into 137 countries around the world, and more than 1 million of those victims are children. The Global Migration and Border Management team in Deloitte’s U.S. Federal practice initiated a number of activities to convene and collaborate with individuals and organizations focused on human-trafficking prevention and education.

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Sai Prasad Vishwanathan

Born in Lalgudi, Tiruchinapally, Tamil Nadu, India, with physical challenges that force him to walk with aid of crutches, Sai, is a vocal advocate for the disabled in his country. Empowered by his personal experiences and enlightened by the manner in which the disabled are accommodated in other countries, Sai, a technology and risk consultant at Deloitte, saw an opportunity for the disabled in India and the chance to pursue a sustainable solution that would make a lasting impact.

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